Dominican Police wage hike starts in January


Santo Domingo.– This month the members of the National Police will begin to receive their salary increase, which ranges from 10% to 40%, with the highest percentage being the salaries of those of lower rank. A private who previously earned RD$10,150.42 will now earn RD$14,210.59; a corporal who received RD$11,600.38 rises to RD$16,240.53; a sergeant goes from RD$13,050.73 to RD$18,271.02; a sergeant major goes from RD$14,300.98 to RD$19,306.32, and cadets from RD$12,500.56 to RD$16,250.73, according to a note from the Communications Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Police. The salary increase also includes officers such as second lieutenants who earned RD$15,600.26 and now will earn RD$20,900.26; first lieutenants receive an increase from RD$18,001.32 to RD$23,401.72; a captain goes from RD$21,000.82 to RD$26,251.03; a major goes from RD$22,426.15 to […]

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