Dominican Government extends PHASE, Stay at Home and Pa ‘Ti until December 31


Santo Domingo, DR   President Luis Abinader extended until December 31, 2020, the Employee Solidarity Assistance Fund (FASE), I and II, Stay at Home and Pa ‘Ti programs The provision is contained in Decree 358-20, dated August 19. The decree establishes that the Ministry of Finance is authorized to make the payments corresponding to the programs, as mentioned above, once it receives the payment instruction from the corresponding institutions’ beneficiaries. Also, the General Budget Office (DIGEPRES) is instructed to keep a separate record of the expenses incurred for the programs to be later regularized in the Budget under current regulations. The Treasury will be responsible for making the necessary adjustments and operations to allow the provision’s execution, the decree concludes. The President had announced the continuation of the programs created […]

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