Dominican Gov. bars entry of pregnant foreigners

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Santo Domingo.- The National Migration Council prohibited the entry of pregnant foreigners to Dominican territory, as part of a series of measures issued by resolution yesterday.

After a council meeting that lasted more than two hours headed by President Luis Abinader, Interior and Police Minister, Jesus Vasquez told the press that the Dominican State “will take all the measures necessary to avoid that every citizen of foreign nationality implies an unreasonable burden on public finances.”

The resolution establishes that the prohibition applies to foreigners with proven pregnancies equal to or after six months of gestation.

The measure will have its main effect on Haitian women in labor, who already outnumber Dominican women in the waiting room of maternity wards, mainly in the northwest of the country, where nine out of ten women are of that nationality.

According to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), at least 4,073 pregnant Haitians entered the country in 2020.