Dominican generals deposited embezzled money in sacks

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

Santo Domingo.- The military in the Coral 5G money laundering case moved large amounts of money in sacks to be deposited in banks and did business with people involved with drug trafficking suspect Micky Lopez. The statement is in the request of pretrial detention against Erasmo Roger Perez Nunez, as part of a network, along with other people, bought lands for RD$14.4million by order of Maj. Gen. Adan Caceres. That money was carried in a sack and deposited in a bank located in La Vega. The document establishes that Perez Nunez bought from a person a piece of land located in La Vega for 45,000 pesos per tarea and had 320 tarea, but when making the transaction, he agreed with the seller to pay him a debt that he had […]