Costa Rica President Says Syria Should Be Tried Before ICC


News Americas, UNITED NATIONS, NY, Tues. Sept. 24, 2013: President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla Miranda, wants the U.N. Council refer the Syrian case to the International Criminal Court.

Miranda used her address at the UN Tuesday to denounce what she called “the tragedy of Syria” and again called on the five permanent members to refrain from exercising their veto in cases of crimes against humanity.

“I raise our voice to demand that the Security Council act decisively to eliminate chemical weaponry in Syria, restrain violence, seek a negotiated and democratic solution to the conflict, and make accountable those responsible for the horrible crimes committed there,” she said.

She added that the use of chemical weapons against its own people in Syria reaffirms the need to work decisively towards the organic application of the responsibility to protect, and she urged all Member States to join the initiative of Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark and Ghana to designate focal points for the prevention of atrocities.

Crime rates in Costa Rica are currently the lowest in the region and the country has joined the call of Mexico and Guatemala regarding drug trafficking and transnational organized crime to re-evaluate agreed international policies and look for more effective responses to the illegal drug trade.

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