Constitution Day: here are some facts you should know


Today is the  Day of the Constitution of the  Dominican Republic, and it is 176 years since it was put into effect, which was signed in San Cristóbal to preserve national sovereignty. It also guarantees people certain rights and freedoms. The majority of the countries have a written constitution. Aristotle was born in Estagaria, Macedonia, 384 BC. C. and died in Chalcis Eubea, Greece, 322 a. C. impacted philosophy and the logical and ethical methodology and the shaping of political science, finding in his work a typology of the Constitution. Ministry of Labor: “Constitution Day” holiday is changed to Monday 9 However, this thinker never formulated a systematic theory and never intended to codify a consistent study of the Constitution scientifically. The first genuinely national constitutional document that regulated tour people’s independent life was […]

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