Christmas fruits expected to be in stock and at low prices

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

Reduction. FDC indicated prices are down 20% compared to 2020 The Dominican Federation of Merchants (FDC) ensured the supply of Christmas fruits for the festive season and stated that prices are 20% lower than last year. The president of the FDC, Ivan Garcia, called on the population to be calm, ensuring that there is a sufficient supply of seasonal fruits in the local market, especially apples and grapes. He said that the leading suppliers of apples and grapes marketed in the country import them from the United States and Chile. “The organized trade, agglutinated in the Dominican Federation of Merchants, informs the whole town in general that the fruits of the Christmas period for this 2021, especially grapes and apples, this year even have a 20 percent lower price than […]