Chinese Embassy in Dominican Republic slams the US


Santo Domingo.- The Chinese Embassy in the Dominican Republic said Wednesday that it is pleased to see that other countries develop relations with the Dominican Republic on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, but opposes any interference in Sino-Dominican relations. It said China is willing to work with the Dominican Republic to develop bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect, equality and reciprocal benefit, and continue to carry out bilateral cooperation according to the principles of justice, openness and equal treatment. “China did not harm in the past, nor does it do so in the present nor will it harm the security of the Dominican Republic in the future,” it said. The Chinese Embassy issued a statement regarding the visit to the Dominican Republic by US State Department […]

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Central America News - 24 Dead And Counting From Iota In Central America

The death tolls from Hurricane Iota, now a tropical storm, reached 24 Wednesday as flash floods in areas already waterlogged with rain, forced tens of thousands across Central America to flee their homes.