Celin Rubio Terrero, the success story of Abinader’s security chief


Santo Domingo, DR   Born in Las Salinas, municipality of Barahona, Celin Rubio Terrero used to sell coconut sticks, charcoal, ice cream, jalao ‘ and even clean shoes to provide a living for his low-income family. At the same time, he made an effort to devote time to his secondary studies. Today, at 57 years of age, Terrero is a Brigadier General in the Dominican Army and has considerable merits and decorations that recognize his extensive career in the Dominican military forces. In August 2020, he was appointed by President Luis Abinader as the head of the Corps of Military Aides (CUESP) and maximum responsible for the security of the president and his family during his administration. Going from being a shoe shiner on Tiradentes Avenue in Greater Santo Domingo […]

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