Cacao,‌ ‌a‌ ‌true Dominican Republic‌ ‌treasure‌


By Laura McCarthy for USAID Some of the world’s best chocolate starts in the Dominican Republic. Derived from the cacao bean, quality chocolate depends on a high-quality bean; and many international chocolate companies are willing to pay premium prices to get it. Indigenous to the Caribbean, the forest-friendly cacao tree can be a valuable source of income for Dominicans. But too often, small-scale cacao producers lack the latest technology, knowledge, and organic certification needed to compete in an international market. In the country’s northern province of María Trinidad Sánchez, La Red Guaconejo Cooperative – a group of small-scale cacao producers and processors – requested USAID’s assistance to improve the quality of their beans, expand their market share and increase profitability. In response, USAID provided a matching grant in 2009 for […]

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Dominican Republic’s opposition rebuffs ‘campaign of irresponsible allegations’

Santo Domingo.- The Political Committee of Dominican Republic’s opposition party (PLD) on Sun. demanded that President Luis Abinader cease what they label as a “campaign of irresponsible allegations” against former officials of the government headed by Danilo Medina, between 2012 and 2020. At the conclusion of a six-hour meeting, PLD […]