Burna Boy concert goes on but promoters sued

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

In this October file photo Grammy-winning star Burna Boy is all smiles as he feels the love from his fans early Friday morning, on the closing night at the TOMAC festival, Plymouth Recreation Ground, Tobago.

CASH MONEY Brothers Promotions will still be pursuing legal action against the promotors of Friday night’s Burna Boy concert, but decided against filing an injunction in the high court to stop the event.

Instead, the promotional outfit has sued other local and regional promoters, their companies and the Nigerian Grammy Award winner himself, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu and his agency.

On Friday, a spokesperson for Cash Money said the outfit decided to allow the concert to go on because of the “respect we have for the patrons” who bought tickets.

“We are a caring organisation that put others first and not self.”

However, the spokesperson said they would be seeking damages in the courts locally and international.

“We are asking all patrons to enjoy themselves and be safe.”

Cash Money’s Michael Durham, this week, threatened to go to court for an injunction to stop the event, alleging four other promotional outfits, whom he approached as collaborators and investors for the concern, engaged in certain activities which saw Cash Money being pushed out of the picture, some of them engaging in a conspiracy by using private information to book the “African Giant” themselves.

Durham’s claim for damages was filed in the High Court on Friday by his attorneys Marika Trimm and Farai Hove Maisasai.

Attorney Chase Pegus, who represents one of the promoters sued, said he advised his client to proceed with the hosting of the event even as he and his team of attorneys Vikash Indar Lal and Mathias Sylvester remained on standby and ready to resist the “ill founded and malicious attempt to interrupt Friday’s event.

“As far as we are concerned, despite the desperate threat to halt the much-anticipated concert, Cash Money Brothers Promotions and ther attorneys have not made good on their threats to approach the court for interim relief.”

On Thursday, Pegus and his team insisted the show would not be stopped.

They represent Sean Moses, of SM Promotions, one of the promotional groups responsible for bringing Burna Boy to Trinidad.

The other promoters sued are Osita Ugeh of Duke Concepts, Crystal Cunningham of Twisted Entertainment Barbados, and Jules Sobian of Caesars Army.

Friday’s concert was held at O2 Park, Chaguaramas.