Bajans react on social media to Rihanna Drive Super Bowl trailer Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The biggest question on Twitter since Apple Music dropped the Super Bowl pre-game trailer featuring Barbados’ Westbury community and Rihanna Drive is – ‘How many times you watch dat?’

And that’s the truth, Bajans have that video on loop.

I’ve never seen something so familiar on such a big stage like this. It’s so cool

Here are some of the Twitter and Instagram responses and comments from Bajans on the bird app and IG:

Jada Hudson wrote:

“Wowwww this just took me back way back and sent chills ?through my body …… Barbados Our island in the sun will always be Home ?? Am sure the little ones in this video also have a dream and by the look of the confidence and performance they dreams will come true ?? Barbados Let’s Gooo ??”

I can’t believe B19 in a Super Bowl ad. Checker Hall route global

The lil man on the bicycle that wheelie gotta feel like a real hard seed … He gonna tell his grad children bout that

Amanda Reifer commented: “This is Amazinggg “

Baddest to ever do it @rihanna !

Listen my heart is beaming to be a BAJAN??? Lewwe go Ri, run the rsl town girllllll!

I love that Rihanna has always stayed true to her rots. There were so many cultural references in the Super Bowl trailer

What time Rihanna concert starting so I could tell my manager was time I taking my break Sunday

That video now bring so much joy

Bajan pride boy

Father Philis called it Inspirational.

Leah Marville was all tears of joy.

And one person tweeted, “Honestly… how many times wunna watch that @rihanna video? I at bout 39”, and the replies were all very cute.

I lost count.

I lost count. It’s just sooooo home

Bout 100 and every time I seeing something new like the nice nail art and henna designs pun Belle Holder… de woman in de nightie … the sweet looking beads on de van driver wrist

I still clicking it every time I see it even though I know what it is

About 61 times tbh (to be honest)

First time I saw it, I saying it’s a local tribute to Rih for Super Bowl. Not knowing it’s official. So I rewatch cuz I’ve never seen something so familiar on such a big stage like this. It’s so cool.