At least 307 dead between April and August in Haiti due to violence and insecurity


At least 307 people have died between April and August, victims of violence and insecurity that is registered in seven sectors of the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince, according to a partial report released on Thursday by an organization of the Catholic Church of Haiti. «The phenomenon of violence and crime covers many more territories. There are many more places where people cannot go out. Acts of violence are increasingly disgusting,” denounced Jocelyne Colas Noel, general coordinator of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace (CE-JILAP). The report, classified as partial because other cases have not yet been included, establishes that 152 people died in acts of violence between last April and June; another 104 in July and 51 in August. The study is based on investigations, complaints, and the information circulating in […]

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Dominican Republic curfew stays put until Sept. 27

Santo Domingo.- Public Health Minister, Plutarco Arias, on Sun. asked the population to stay in their homes and respect the curfew, a measure that will remain unchanged. Arias said the level of quarantine established in the country to stop coronavirus contagion will not be increased or decreased either. Over the […]