‘Anti-octopus’ raids nab Dominican Republic senior officials


Santo Domingo.- Two of the companies linked to the brother of former President Danilo Medina, Juan Alexis Medina Sánchez, received payments of about RD$200 million for alleged irregular contracts with the Public Health Ministry, during Freddy Hidalgo’s tenure. That was stated by the Justice Ministry in one of the requests for a search warrant to proceed with the arrest of 10 people, among former officials and people whom it describes as privileged providers and front men “who took advantage of family ties with the powerful politician to accumulate fortunes during the past term of government.” In addition to Hidalgo and Medina Sánchez, the arrests, carried out at dawn last Sunday, include the former director of the Office of State Works Supervising Engineers (OISOE), Francisco Pagán; the former president of the […]

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