Accused Drug Kingpin’s Ex In Custody In DR


News Americas, SANTO DOMINGO, DR, Mon. April 18, 2011: The ex-wife of a DR drug kingpin is back in the Dominican Republic to face money laundering charges.

Leavy Nin Batista, 33, was brought back to the island from Madrid by five Spanish agents late Saturday, Public prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso said.

Batista allegedly fled to Europe in 2009 with a fraudulent passport shortly after her ex-husband, Jose Figueroa Agosto, the so-called “Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean,” evaded a raid by Dominican anti-drug agents. Batista joins four other women, among them two lovers of Figueroa, also accused of money laundering.

Agosto is suspected of shipping Colombian cocaine to the U.S. mainland through Puerto Rico. He spent about decade on the run and is now jailed in the Dominican Republic.

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