Abinader takes the upper hand by bringing together opposition politicians in Dominican Republic


Santo Domingo, DR   With the pan firmly grasped by its handle, President Luis Abinader takes advantage of the honeymoon with opposition politicians and parties. He is buying time for a dialogue that could benefit the country in times of coronavirus and economic crisis. Bringing together old adversaries and opponents such as former President Medina, former President Fernández, and former presidential candidate Guillermo Moreno, around the same cause, gave the new president quite a field to his initiative. Abinader allegedly proposed an agreement with political forces and other sectors to address the country’s problems very early in his campaign, which presented him as a compromising politician who did not want acrimonies if he won, but rather to get along with everyone. His control of the situation in moments of discouragement […]

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The Dominican National Meteorology Office watches over three areas of downpours likely to become a hurricane

The National Meteorology Office (ONAMET) reported that a tropical wave was located over Haiti moving west, while the cloud fields associated with low pressure in the southwest of the country will continue to provide conditions so that scattered showers continue to occur over our territory, being moderate, thunderstorms and wind […]