Abinader has funds for municipal works

The content originally appeared on: Dominican Today

President Luis Abinader ordered Saturday the transfer of a special item of 4 billion pesos to launch a program to support local governments through the Dominican Municipal League for municipal works and infrastructure competition. The president explained that 800 million will be destined to the revitalization of the local economy such as markets and slaughterhouses and the remaining 3,200 million for sidewalks and containers. The president also ordered items over 1,500 million pesos to advance in the solution to the problem of the final disposal of solid waste. “We are fulfilling our commitment to raise the amount of transfers to local governments to 4% by 2022,” said Abinader. The president added that, in 2021, an important number of actions have been promoted jointly between the different ministries and local governments through which more than 1.4 billion additional have been transferred to different city councils and district boards. Abinader […]