Abinader: Dominican Republic is on the side of freedom of the press and democracy


Abinader’s categorical defense of freedom of the press in the country   President Luis Abinader declared yesterday, during the signing of the Chapultepec and Salta Declarations, that independent journalism constitutes “a shield to protect democracy and all freedoms,” emphasizing that freedom of the press is essential in democratic systems, as is the separation of powers, sovereign justice and freedom of association. After signing the declaration, the president committed to working for “a fuller, more transparent, fairer and freer democracy. Abinader warned that power must know that orderly and reasoned criticism, which only the media and journalists can exercise, “is fundamental because, without it, arbitrariness, injustice, and fear would soon arrive. The signing of these agreements took place in the Salón Las Cariátides, of the National Palace. It was done virtually […]

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Forecast low likelihood of rain and hot temperatures

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported that there would be low probabilities of significant rainfall in most of the country because the tropical wave has left our forecasting area. “However, due to the dragging of cloud fields caused by the east/southeast wind, there will be slight increases in cloudiness with […]