Abinader commits to salary increases for police and military in 5 months of government


Santo Domingo, D.R. President Luis Abinader has announced two salary increases so far this year for the agents who watch over national security and public safety, the most recent being reported by the president for the three military classes. The president said that this salary increase had been arranged for the National Police and military agents, taking into account their work in the country’s streets in favor of public safety. In the case of the National Police, a corporal who previously earned RD$ 10,150.42 will now make RD$ 14,210.59; a corporal who earned RD$ 11,600.38 will increase to RD$ 16,240.53; a sergeant will go from RD$ 13,050.73 to RD$ 18,271.02; a sergeant major will go from RD$ 14,300.98 to RD$ 19,306.32, while the cadets will go from RD$ 12,500.56 to […]

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Dominican Republic ‘Octopus’ scandal prompts a 9-hour search

Santo Domingo.- The Anticorruption Prosecutor (Pepca) found no evidence that the residence of the former administrator of the North Electricity Distribution (Edenorte), Julio César Correa Mena, belongs to the accused of corruption Juan Alexis Medina Sánchez, theory that they sought to prove in accordance with the search warrant issued by […]