Abinader asks the population to respect restrictions


“We’ll be among the first with Covid vaccine.” The president said that the country has all the logistics prepared and it is only expected that the vaccine will be available, because “we are registered for all the vaccines that are in process.” Santo Domingo, DR In late 2019 and early 2020, the news of the spread of a new virus frightened the entire world population because of the speed with which international agencies warned that the virus was spreading. In the absence of an immediate solution to stop the disease, all countries decided to adopt drastic measures, including confinement and strict restrictions on citizen mobility to control the coronavirus transmission, placing all hopes on a vaccine to end the deadly disease. In October of this year, the Dominican government signed […]

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Caribbean News - Stiffer Penalties Coming For Trafficking Venezuelans

Trinidad and Tobago is set to impose stiffer penalties on those trafficking migrants from neighboring Venezuela.