8 new deaths from Covid are registered in the Dominican Republic in the last 24 hours


Santo Domingo, DR   The national surveillance system for Covid-19 reported eight new deaths yesterday during the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll from the virus to 2,343 from March to date. Also, 671 new positive cases were registered during the last 24 hours, to reach a cumulative of 146,680 confirmed coronavirus diagnoses. Until yesterday, the records showed the existence of 28,168 patients confirmed with laboratory tests that keep the virus active so that they can infect other people. Epidemiological bulletin number 260 reports that 8,970 diagnostic tests were processed during the last 24 hours, with 671 positive for Covid. The previous four weeks’ positivity stands at 12.53%, and the daily one at 11.71%. Hospital occupancy yesterday was 38% in ICU beds, with 182 occupied from availability of 485 […]

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